4th October, 1915

An anniversary! A year ago today, even the hour is correct since it is just 11.15, I said my final goodbye to you and our children. I will not dwell on the emotions which were raging in my heart, I only want to recall the feeling of everlasting gratitude to you, the brave one. How you must have suffered at that time as it might well have been a parting for ever. But at that most difficult of times you surpassed yourself, you remained brave and pulled yourself together so as not to make the moment even more difficult for me. What you felt in your mind, how you fought within yourself - you could not hide from me since I did feel it.

A long fateful year has elapsed since that day; a whole year! I went to war! Lethal bullets were flying around me, destructive grenades and shrapnel arrived and exploded above our heads, I have buried more than one of my companions, bandaged and comforted many, but I, thanks to God's grace, remained unscathed! Since then I have experienced much misery, torment and sorrow but I must always be grateful to the Almighty for his benevolence. May he continue to give us health and to protect us!

Although I am prepared that at my homecoming not everything will be exactly as I would wish in my heart, the moment when I see you again will be one of the most beautiful in my life; and the children! How I long for them! My companions are always amused when I tell them that once I am lucky enough to be home again, in the first four weeks I shall do nothing else than roll around on the ground with my kids! How I wish that we were that far already!

With regret I have to finish as there is too much noise around me. It is the Emperor's name day and preparations are being made for a "gala dinner". Thousands ardent kisses, my sweet golden love!!

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat