29th March, 1916

My dearest treasure! A few days ago I introduced my summer timetable which means that I get up already at 6 o'clock and enjoy the morning hour. "Stop" I thought this morning waking up, now you'll write a "letter" to little mouse. And now I am sitting here with my book. What shall I write about to you today? About my life here or about my love and yearning? As far as my life is concerned, that is almost cruelly simple. I have sufficient occupation now, what I am short of is energy and perseverance. First of all, I am still learning Hungarian but progress is slow. In the last few weeks I have taken up a new hobby, which is in reality old, namely Esperanto! I have a few pupils already and later a larger course is supposed to start. On 1st April I am going to start on Italian again. This is all the "work for the mind". In between I go for walks, a small one in the morning and a slightly longer one in the afternoon.

The big walk that was permitted at the time of our arrival has for a long time been a thing of the past, i.e., since four officers escaped from here to China. Two were successful, the other two sit in the "Tower". There is plenty to read, so with a bit of good will one need not be bored. Our main complaint is the mail, although presently is grieves me even more that you have to wait 7-8 weeks for each of my postcards. Well, you see, this was the report about my life. The trimmings, the real content, the support in dark hours I find solely in you! My darling you have no idea how much I love you and how I long for you. When I get a postcard from you, I feel my heart beat faster, just as at that "beautiful time of young love". Little mouse, it still blooms, that young love and this long separation with all its cruel sorrows and torment has given it a new unexpected power. Darling, I must not speak in high-flown words about you, I do not manage to say what I feel anyway. But when I say: You are my one and only golden little mouse, my happiness, my sunshine, then that is the right thing. For today 10000 kisses.

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat