19th March, 1917

My beloved little wife!

We live now through the historical days of March. In this unique world war a new shock wave goes through the world: coup-d'etat, revolution. We are right in the middle of it but we still stand aside. We have a new proof that the wooden fence separates us from the world. We are all inspired by a single thought: will these new events bring the longed for peace to the world? We hope so. Yesterday, it was a Sunday, much was happening in the town, the prison was taken by storm, the prisoners were freed and meetings were held. A small wave reached even our fence. The crowd came to our fence, many hundreds of people carrying red flags, calling and shouting. The call "Mir" (peace) was frequently heard. Speeches were made, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were extolled. Yesterday I was a prisoner of the Tsar, today I have become a prisoner of the Russian Republic.

I could not omit reporting these momentous events in the book which you, and later our children, will read. After all, it was my intention to write in it of my thoughts and feelings. I am oppressed by the thought that when you read the newspaper reports you will be very worried about me. Unfortunately I have not means to let you quickly know that I am all right. This will suffice for today because it is only meant to be a record. I write here so rarely now since I am writing real letters to you; I only hope "she receives them". Next time more, darling.

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat